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  • Change Management

    Ongoing change is inevitable as organizations seek to continuously improve their performance and properly respond and adapt to external forces. Blue Sky consultants understand that successful change efforts must be accompanied by a well-defined program of activities that help facilitate change and sustain performance enhancements.

    Our philosophy is to help organizations prepare for short and long-term changes by focusing on helping employees to understand, prepare for, and function at high levels in a new environment. We tailor our solutions to meet each client’s unique setting and the foundations of our approach include:

    • Developing a communications plan—to include what is to be communicated, to whom, when, and how
    • Crafting messages—tailored to audiences and medium (e.g., social media, email, text, meetings, videoconferences)
    • Supporting communications sessions (e.g., department meetings or Town Halls), as appropriate
    • Training and coaching employees on new ways of doing things—including new processes and technologies.
  • Mission Support Services

    Mission performance is built upon a foundation of organization, process, management systems, IT infrastructure, and people. Superior performance occurs when these resources are aligned to deliver against the strategic objectives of the organization.

    Blue Sky consultants understand that mission support begins with a deep-rooted understanding of the client’s mission and the strategy to achieve it. Our senior consultants bring strategic planning experience to our clients and a rich set of experiences with our client’s mission environment. This combination allows us to support problems such as: organization design, process improvement, business and performance analytics, technology consulting, and constituency management.

  • Organization Design

    Between mission shifts, modernization, transformation, and the introduction of new technologies, Blue Sky consultants understand the many factors that drive the need for changes in organizational design. Our consultants use these forces as the launching point for the design work we perform for our clients.

    Our organizational design efforts ensure that the design aligns with the organization’s mission and strategy. This entails alignment of the design with overall organizational mission and strategy, clear delineation of organizational boundaries, along with the interactions between and across these boundaries, and well defined roles and skill set needs. Our consultants understand the importance these design parameters have on organizational performance and employee morale, and the sensitivity with which this work must be conducted.

  • Process Improvement

    Blue Sky consultants understand that improving business processes is often the best route to enhancing organizational performance, and is nearly inevitable when implementing new technology solutions. As seasoned professionals, our consultants bring forth the best practices when it comes to understanding and honing in on their experience with like processes from comparable organizations to our client settings. Blue Sky consultants also possess process-centric certifications to include Six Sigma Greenbelt and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3.

    Our consultants follow proven methodologies to develop new processes. To start, our consultants seek to understand and document current state or “as-is” processes. Bringing our Bring Best practice experience, we work with our clients to create Concept of Operations (CONOPS)—a future state vision of operations. These CONOPS inform our “to-be” process designs.

  • Project and Program Management

    Blue Sky’s approach to project and program management has been honed by more than 40 years of managing government and commercial contracts. Our methodologies and tools are based on best business practices including the Project Management Institute® Project Management Book of Knowledge® and successful experiences managing mission-critical projects and programs.

    Blue Sky’s approach facilitates the delivery of technical excellence. In accordance with our corporate standards, we:

    • Have a competent, experienced management team, backed by a skilled workforce and corporate leadership;
    • Empower our management team–at all levels–to achieve excellence in performance;
    • Commit to technical excellence and quality; and
    • Provide the infrastructure, resources, processes/tools, and policy guidelines for our team to use in accomplishing technical tasks.

    From system delivery to agile/scrum application development and from organizational transformation to process improvement, Blue Sky offers program management services that deliver on schedule and within budget.

  • Strategic Planning

    Successful organizations anticipate and plan for future challenges and opportunities in order to enable achievement of medium and long term goals. Blue Sky’s trained strategic planners and facilitators have a strong track record of promoting organizational success through effective strategic planning.

    We work with clients to define and communicate their organizational missions and visions so that they serve as clear, compelling calls to actions. Blue Sky’s strategic planners define SMART objectives/goals that drive true impact for organizations.

    We assist in developing actionable plans with achievable and measurable milestones to success. We aid in implementation, tracking progress toward goals, identifying opportunities to enhance success and mitigate potential risks to success along the way. Blue Sky helps clients turn visions into reality.

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