Technical Solutions

  • Application Development

    Blue Sky consultants are experts in full-service software lifecycle management, service delivery, and program and project management, utilizing a combination of agile and lean methodologies to deliver timely and impactful results for our customers. We actively partner with our customers to identify, design, and implement systems and services, on premises and in the cloud, and help them navigate the complex technical landscape that drives today.

    Our software engineers are skilled in the use of critical processes, platforms, and development technologies including Agile, Amazon Web Services, Java, .NET, C#, Ruby Rails, MUMPS, MySQL, Oracle, Hadoop, MapReduce, and Mongo.

  • Cyber Security

    In today’s digital age, an organization’s ability to succeed and remain competitive is dependent upon their ability to secure their information systems. Data exploitation has become a profitable market for attackers.

    Compromised data can expose an organization’s personnel profile, proprietary research, trade secrets, financial posture, and so much more. Organizations, large and small, are vulnerable to attacks that could result in significant sometimes irreparable damage to an organization’s data.

    Blue Sky’s cyber security professionals understand this virtual battleground and these evolving challenges and have effectively tailored unique solutions to meet client needs whether it be hardened network architectures, updated malware detection systems, improved training, and awareness for employees. Blue Sky consultants know there’s no “one size fits all solution,” and we work with clients to identify their current and future requirements.

  • Data Management & Analytics

    There’s more to data than collecting it and reporting on it. The Blue Sky team is expert at full lifecycle data management from data definition, to collection and reporting, to governance. Data is a valuable asset. The ability to accurately and efficiently use that data provides an organization with critical insights needed to make the best decisions. Blue Sky engineers have the experience and expertise to help our customers define their data and business intelligence strategies and systems, including metadata management, data governance, development of data collection and management systems, data warehouse development, and implementation of big data platforms. Our data scientists are versed in the latest technologies including JavaScript, jQuery, Oracle, MS SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Tableau, Python, R, STATA, Hadoop, and MongoDB among others. From simple data collection, to data visualization, to complex analysis and machine learning, we solve our customers’ most pressing challenges.

  • End User Support

    The Service Desk and associated Desk-Side Support serves as the primary representative of an IT department to the end-user community. In this capacity, it acts as the department’s ambassador and is critical to shaping user perceptions, positive and negative, of the entire organization.

    A good experience, during which the customer’s issue is resolved quickly and completely, creates a positive impression for the department. On the other hand, long-wait times, discourteous service desk specialists and desk-side support technicians, and incomplete solutions reflect poorly on the department. More importantly, they waste valuable personnel time (customers and service desk specialists) and resources.

    The team at Blue Sky understands the importance of the service desk and desk-side support to overall IT service delivery. Our team brings decades of experience in the provision of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) aligned Tier 0 through Tier 3-plus support including Customer Self-Help Capability Development; Service Desk Management; Desk Side/Field Technician support; Tier 3 Expert support; and Tier 4 (vendor) engagement.

    Blue Sky solutions and services drive high first-call resolution rates and high customer satisfaction levels while lowering resolution times and talk times. As a result, we support mission success and decrease costs of service.

  • Infrastructure & Engineering Support

    The strength and reliability of any organizations technology platform starts with its network infrastructure and services. An enterprise network must meet today’s demands as well as tomorrow’s in terms of speed, reliability, scalability, and security. Blue Sky certified infrastructure architects and engineers implement, enhance, and harden our customers’ core network and server infrastructure meeting or exceeding their business requirements for highly available, highly scalable, and highly secure network connectivity and interconnectivity for mission critical services. Blue Sky infrastructure consultants are experts in a wide range of infrastructure services including Directory Services and Identity Management, Enterprise Messaging, Storage Management, Backup and Restore, Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption, and Cyber Security. Whether your infrastructure is on-premises or in the cloud, Blue Sky has a solution for you.

  • Technology Consulting

    Blue Sky senior technology consultants provide full-spectrum IT subject matter expertise across all Blue Sky technical capability areas to include Application Development, Cyber Security, Data Management, End-User Support, Infrastructure & Engineering Support, and Website Services.  Additionally, with former government CIOs on staff, we provide integrated end-to-end support in assessing and enhancing IT department performance.

  • Website Services

    Blue Sky web services are the lifeblood of an efficient, reliable, and exciting presence on the net. Blue Sky provides the means to accelerate your business or organization by utilizing premiere web technologies with web savvy design methodology and the experience of practiced developers. When it comes to innovation, we believe that the sky is the limit. We tailor our websites to meet the client’s needs and expectation and keep them informed during the build process. Blue Sky design means content loads lightning quick. Only optimized code and graphics are ever loaded to the client’s website and delivered to a customer. And by utilizing AJAX technology, web pages are loaded dynamically while only the portions you need to receive are delivered, increasing responsiveness and decreasing load times. Blue Sky design means that content is rarely more than just a few clicks away. Web designers optimize website layout so that content can be quickly navigated in a rational, decipherable manner. Blue Sky takes advantage of Search Engine Optimization to distill a website into a web-presence that lists well on major search engines like Google and Bing. Finally, Blue Sky design means that websites are delivered securely utilizing the safest standards in technology and coding practices. Generate safe transactions utilizing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and ensure websites aren’t intercepted through safe transmissions with the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

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