January 27, 2017 – Blue Sky Innovative Solutions (Blue Sky) is proud to announce that the State of Maryland Department of Information Technology (DOIT) has awarded Blue Sky a 12 year Maryland CATS+ (Consulting and Technical Services +) Master Contract (060B2490023-2016) for the provision of services in the Functional Areas: FA 02: Web and Internet Services, FA 05: Software Engineering, FA 06: Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance, FA 07: Information System Security, FA 10: IT Management Consulting Services, FA 11: Business Process Consulting Services, FA 17: Documentation/Technical Writing.

Blue Sky’s inclusion as a Maryland CATS+ Master Contractor enables the Maryland State government to procure IT consulting and technical services in a timely and economical manner from Blue Sky. While Blue Sky currently provides these services under other contracts, award of the Maryland CATS+ contract will allow the firm to considerably broaden its service reach and provide solutions and support as a prime contractor across State agencies that purchase services through this schedule.