July 28, 2020, – Blue Sky Innovative Solutions (Blue Sky) CEO Melissa Peterson knows the SBA 8(a) Business Development Program can be a game-changer and that success stems from solid and strategic preparation. Ms. Peterson experienced this first-hand when she guided Blue Sky to achieve 8(a) Certification on September 10, 2019, and then won a multi-million dollar contract just days later.

Ms. Peterson talks about this and more with Michael LeJeune, Host of the Federal Game Changers Podcast, in an interview focused on how to prepare your company before getting the 8(a) Certification. The podcast, Episode 105 titled “Prep Before You Get Your 8a”, aired July 15, 2020, and can be heard on your favorite podcast platform, or a link to the complete Federal Game Changers 35 minute interview on SoundCloud can be accessed here.

In the interview, Ms. Peterson shares her knowledge, experience, and proven techniques. She identifies and fleshes out five key points she believes are essential to becoming a successful 8(a) company.

In the podcast Ms. Peterson expounds on her winning strategies, which can help any contractor to prepare for and get the most out of 8(a) Certification. Listen to the exciting narrative of how Ms. Peterson positioned Blue Sky to become the successful 8(a) company it is today!