July 23, 2018 – Blue Sky Innovative Solutions (Blue Sky) is proud to announce that the General Services Administration (GSA) has presented Blue Sky with a coveted Professional Services Schedule (GS-10F-0038R). Under this contract, Blue Sky is authorized to provide Integrated Consulting Services under special item number SIN: 874-1/RC and Integrated Business Program Support Services under SIN: 874-7/RC.

Blue Sky’s status as a Professional Services Schedule holder enables all government agencies and commercial clients to obtain a wide range of mission-oriented business services from Blue Sky easily and cost effectively. While Blue Sky currently delivers these services through a variety of federal, state and local government contracts, the Professional Services Schedule will allow Blue Sky to broaden its competitive reach and enhance its services to customers.

Potential clients can view Blue Sky’s GSA Professional Services Schedule and its GSA Schedule 70 through the GSA eLibrary at Blue Sky GSA Schedules.